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PRONEST would like to sincerely thank you for always trusting and supporting us throughout the process of construction and development.

To continue the mission of “Helping thousands of Vietnamese people succeed from home to raise nests”. PRONEST is committed to doing its best to improve and provide the best quality products and services, accompany you on the road to building a successful, prosperous career.

Best regards!

Customers who are interested in Pronest swiftlet equipment can buy in 4 ways:

Method 1: Call the Hotline directly: 0899.79.29.79

Method 2: Order directly at the Website: or App Pronest on Smarphone application

Method 3: Leave information on Fanpage:

Method 4: Buy at the address: 25 Street 11, KDC Him Lam 6A, Binh Hung, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City

After receiving information from customers, PRONEST sales specialists will perform the following steps:

Step 1: Consulting offers solutions, products suitable for customers.

Step 2: Conduct quotes and invoicing for customers.

Step 3: Pay

Step 4: Delivery is the customer’s agreement on time and form of delivery. Pronest will provide advice on guaranteed delivery to customers with the best delivery costs

Note: Customers need to transfer money first then the company will ship the goods.

Account number: 060159441167

Account holder: Yen Binh Dinh One Member Company Limited

Bank: Sacombank District 7 Branch

1. Forms of delivery

For your convenience, Pronest currently delivers goods in two main ways:

Delivery by mail:

Shipping time is from 8am Monday to 11am on Saturday.

Delivery through the garage:

By agreement between Pronest and the customer.

2. Delivery time

-The expected delivery time is 1-3 days depending on the form of delivery.
– In some objective cases, Pronest may delay delivery due to force majeure conditions such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, vehicle breakdowns on the delivery road, and problems during the shipment. .
-In the meantime receive customers have any questions about shipping information please contact the Pronest hotline to receive assistance.
-Please check the goods, the amount of goods to ensure the correct transaction invoice.
+ Orders placed before 15:00 will be delivered in the day.
+ Orders placed after 3pm will be delivered on the next working day.
+ Delivery fee customers negotiate with the garage.

Pronest implements the return / warranty policy for all home bird’s nest devices to help you feel secure to use. As follows:

1/Warranty period

The warranty period is Pronest based on the characteristics of each device:

  • Apply 1 month warranty: home nest speakers (ru speakers, led speakers, loudspeakers).
  • Applying 6 months warranty: Timer timer; temperature sensor – humidity; nebulizer …
  • Application of 12-month warranty: Amply Pronest (P2, P4, P6, P8); Pronest centrifugal nebulizer (P-360H, PR-5500).
  • Products warranty will be shown details of the warranty period on the order, web or information on the warranty stamp, …

2/Conditions return / warranty

To ensure benefits, customers should keep the following conditions in mind:

  • Products are still in the warranty period and registered warranty.
  • The product is proved to be a fault of the manufacturer.
  • The device number and the seal on the product must be intact, not torn or erased.
  • The serial number on the product and on the warranty card must be the same.

3/ Exchange return / product warranty

PRONEST stipulates the return and exchange of products with the following warranty:

For products with 1 month warranty: Product renewal within 15 days from the date of invoice; after 15 days support warranty; 1 month warranty period.

For products with a warranty of 6 months or more: Product renewal within 30 days from the date of invoice; After the 30 day purchase period will support normal warranty.

4/The process of receiving warranty

PRONEST has built a complete and professional warranty receiving process including 4 steps:

Step 1: Customers contact the Company via Hotline: 0899.79.29.79 and provide the device status is having problems.

Step 2: Technical staff PRONEST call customers to guide how to fix it.

Step 3: If instructed but the device does not work normally, please send the device to the Company’s Office and include customer information and equipment failure status.

Step 4: PRONEST receives the equipment, conducts inspection and repairs. After remedying, will notify customers to receive goods or conduct return warranty.

5/ Product warranty period

Within 3 – 7 working days, PRONEST technical staff will finish repairing. After that, PRONEST will notify customers to receive goods or carry out warranty return.

In case of equipment is seriously damaged, need more time to repair, PRONEST will notify customers.


+ Shipping costs of equipment that customers pay for shipping units

+ During warranty period, damaged components will be replaced free of charge.

1. Marketing-PR support
– Your agent is supported on the design of image signs, advertising banners
– Your agent is supported model showroom, eye-catching product display
– Your Agency is supported to advertise on PRONEST’s youtube, fanpage, … and is promoting the business on to reach more customers.
– Your agent is entitled to participate in all promotions exclusively for PRONEST’s Agency partners.
– Your Agency is supported with catalogs, brochures, … according to PRONEST’s programs.
– In addition, your agent will be assisted in transferring the goods management system, sales invoice, revenue and expenditure, …
– You Dealer is certified as an official agent of PRONEST when it becomes the Regional Exclusive Agent.
2. Technical support
– Your agent can take part in training courses on products and equipment of swiftlet nests, technology and consulting and sales knowledge organized by a representative of PRONEST.
– Your agent is supported by PRONEST to provide specific training on design and construction of swiftlet nest if required by the Agent.
– Your agent is supported by PRONEST to install, operate Yen’s equipment
– Your agent is certified as the official agent of PRONEST when becoming the Regional Exclusive Agent.
3. Support for goods
– Party A delivers goods to Party B’s warehouse or at a convenient place in the car garage within Ho Chi Minh City designated by Party B. Party B orders with specific quantities and types of products via phone, text, zalo, email, etc.
– Transportation costs outside of Ho Chi Minh City to Party B’s warehouse are paid by Party B itself (including the cost of parking due to slow handling).
– The actual quantity of goods Party A supplies to Party B may be different from the order if Party A finds that the order is unreasonable. Then the two sides must agree on the volume and time provided.
-Delivery time: 1-3 days (for reference, there will be specific time for each order, store).
Within 10 days from the date of invoice, the Agent will be exchanged a new product if the product is determined to be in the manufacturer’s fault.
In case of goods, the price is not in accordance with the purchase agreement, you agent has the right to return the goods to PRONEST. The delivery is made within 10 days from the date of invoice and signed the delivery note.
– PRONEST sets up a price policy to ensure the competitiveness and maximum profit for your Agency in the market
– Based on the results of the purchase and the commitment to cooperate, you will receive a discount policy for the corresponding agent level of PRONEST.
– In case of PRONEST discount, the dealer is notified 30 days in advance to protect the prices of the goods that are in stock of the Agent sold out according to the old listing price, After 30 days from the date of notice. discount, PRONEST officially applies new prices to markets and agents.
– In case PRONEST raises the selling price, you are notified at least 30 days up to 45 days in advance to have an appropriate import policy.
Contract principles:
After the two sides signed the Contract, you Agent will be put on the PRONEST preferential list
Purchase debt:
– Dealer pay 100% before delivery.
– Dealers will enjoy better preferential levels of debt policy based on cooperation results and payment history of orders.
– ….
– Send representatives to participate in training programs organized by PRONEST periodically. The training programs, seminars will be notified to the Agency on the website:, the mass media.
– Agents proactively plan their business and market development to bring maximum revenue and profit.
– Comply with the terms signed in the principle contract between PRONEST and Agency.
All requirements partners please contact!
Hotline: 0899.79.29.79

The confidentiality of personal customer information is always given special attention by Pronest. Specifically:

Personal information (Full name, Contact phone number, Email …) that customers provide to Pronest when ordering will be stored on the server.

We are committed to not using, transferring, providing or disclosing to any third party personal information about our customers without our permission.

Pronest is not responsible for or resolving any related claims in the event that the personal information purchased initially provided is incorrect.

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