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Building Yen houses in accordance with standards, attracting a large number of flocks of Yen to bring high profit is the desire of all Yen farmers.

However, for specific fields of “Building houses for birds”. Requiring construction contractors to have in-depth knowledge, understanding of the living behavior, nesting, flight direction, etc. of the bird’s nest from which draws reasonable design drawings, installation diagrams. suitable equipment to achieve maximum effect for the Yen.

Just like we often choose homes that are suitable for our living needs, convenient, airy and clean. The bird nest also has its own characteristics in the herd habitat such as light, living space, feeling and safety from predators such as owl, cat, mouse, insect, etc.

To help customers clearly visualize PRONEST, the design and construction process of Yen’s breeding house includes the following basic steps:

Step 1: Collect information


-Located in the provinces that have the potential to develop effective oats houses

-The location may have a source of oats from the vicinity

-The location of building a bird’s nest house is suitable for the bird’s nest behaviors and a standard of a Yen’s house.


-The information about the number of swiftlets

-The space around the construction of houses nest

Step 2: Consult the appropriate solutions

-The model and size of standard bird’s nest

-The equipment suitable for the scale and model of the swiftlet

Step 3: Quote

– Package quotes

– Quotation of materials, equipment and installation

Step 4: Conduct a survey

-Check out the number of swiftlets in the area

-Experience the nest construction site and its surroundings

Step 5: Sign construction contracts

-Complete construction package

– Design contract – construction and installation of bird nest equipment

Step 6: Up the design drawings

-Choose the direction of bird’s nest in accordance with the flight path of the bird’s nest

-Choose the appropriate oat model

Step 7: Construction

-Build according to the designed drawing

-Acceptance of construction works

Step 8: Install the device

-Installing equipment strictly according to standards and techniques.

Step 9: Instructions for operating the system and putting it into operation


Step 10: Periodic warranty


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